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The Awakened Rebels Podcast

Leanne Juliette

Welcome to The Awakened Rebels Podcast hosted by The Spiritual Catalyst, Leanne Juliette! This podcast is for Multidimensional Queens seeking Majestry, Mastery and MAGIC in Business, Life, Relationships & Spirituality! This podcast is all things Spiritual, Esoteric and Cosmic Consciousness for women here to RISE TF up and break ALL the rules! It's for Female Leaders who KNOW they are called for more. This podcast is here to DIS-spell illusions around Business, Life, Relationships & Spirituality to activate Revolutionary Transformation within you.For the Rebels, the Revolutionaries, the Visionaries, the Disruptors and the Trailblazers!I want to see you RISE! I want to liberate you from the shackles of BS that have kept you playing small in life & business. Shackled to a 3D reality when you have MAGIC within you that desires to be FREE so you can live the life you deserve to live.As a Visionary, Business Oracle & Multidimensional Priestess (yeah...I'm psychic as fuck and channel all the time including Higher Dimensional Beings) I bring a different perspective to all things Business, Life, Relationships & Spirituality which is highly activating.As a Mirror, I SHOW YOU what you cannot see. I work within the realms of Shadow, Darkness & Magic to create results FAST.I want to show you how to CREATE MAGIC in your life & business - basically, defying logic as you bypass ALL the rules and tune into YOU and the Creatrix within.My signature "blunt as fuck" no BS attitude IS very refreshing! My energy is highly liberating, activating and potent to fuel GROWTH! Yes…I'm a Witch! My words are my spells that I cast to wake you the fuck up to who you are so you can truly step into your Highest Potential like the BADASS BOSS that you are.Creating MASSIVE waves of Wealth, Growth & Impact as you POWER through life as a Female Leader. So take a seat...and be prepared to get UNCOMFORTABLE as I blast through BS & shadow to show you the truth of who you are and help ACTIVATE your own power from within.When women rise, we all rise. It's your time, Queen!

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