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Leanne Juliette

Welcome to The Awakened Rebels Podcast featuring yours truly…Leanne Juliette…the self-proclaimed original Awakened Rebel! This show is about Spirituality, Soul Purpose and being authentically you! I help you find - and become - who your soul is supposed to be! As a Soul Catalyst, I basically speak to your soul and catalyse the change your soul is desiring – I help you create the impact you’re supposed to make by being the fire to ignite your soul’s truth. I encourage you to get lit the fuck up and be the whole damn fire!I’m also an Intuitive Empath, Psychic and Visionary! My work is raw, real and authentic. I don’t believe in sugar-coating…and I can be pretty blunt. But what’s the point in staying comfortable when your soul is calling for you to get out of your own way and rise up into speaking your truth?! When I decided to rise up through my own spiritual awakening…I chose to rise as the whole damn fire!Are YOU ready?! To get out of your own way, to push ego to the side and let your soul shine brighter than it’s ever shone!Get LIT UP! Be the whole DAMN FIRE!To connect with me further:🔥SOUL COACHING:🔥YOUTUBE:🔥FACEBOOK GROUP:🔥INSTAGRAM:🔥FACEBOOK:

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